#62 Surrounded

A gentle ode to the Tasmanian coast.

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#61 Tin Camp Studios

Carving connections through music, art and story

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#60 Richmond Christmas Tree Farm

How the Mendham’s became Santa’s little helpers.

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#59 Sea Soul Studio

Ceramic treasures from the water’s edge.

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Visitors may snigger, but the locals are serious. The black puffer jacket has become the unofficial uniform of the island state. Dubbed The Tasmanian Tuxedo, it’s the perfect go to. Lightweight, warm and unobtrusive – this practical and cosy classic is the perfect partner to Tassie’s unashamed variable climate and adventurous spirit.

The Tasmanian Tuxedo is a partner in so many stories. It crept out of the wilderness and into the heart of our homes. Escape to Tasmania and find out where it can take you.

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#51 Women in uniform

#51 Women in uniform

Joanne Stolp is the Commander of Special Response and Counter-Terrorism. Her career with Tasmania Police spans close to 25 years and her passion for the job has never wavered.

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