#102 An island gentleman

Vale Terence Klug, 1943-2023.

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#101 The bush pharmacist

Unlocking the wild fragrance of Flinders Island.

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#100 Wild island portraits

Windows into the Tasmanian soul.

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#99 A studio by the sea

Inside Sandro Donati’s sublime little white shack.

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#98 Castaway on Picnic Island

A playground of wild pursuits.

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At the southernmost most tip of Australia, endlessly lashed by wild winds and ferocious seas, you’ll find lutruwita (Tasmania). This land of rugged mountain ranges, ancient forests and pristine beaches is home to a vibrant community of adventurous souls. Renowned for their quiet determination, Tasmanians have an extraordinary spirit that is defined by warmth, creativity and innovation.

The Tasmanian Tuxedo is a storytelling journey celebrating true Tasmanian culture – the combined works of a local writer and photographer who together delve into the wild Tasmanian psyche.

The Tasmanian Tuxedo also offers bespoke brand support for likeminded businesses keen to share their own story.

Recent Stories

#88 Rewilding

#88 Rewilding

The forest holds its breath.
Just before a winter’s dawn.
It is then that far southern starlight
Casts an ethereal glow
As time itself slowly awakens.

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