About Us

Amanda Mackinnon and joe 'Chelko' Chelkowski

Sitting on the fringe of the world, this is an island known for its rugged coastline, century old forests, quirky arts scene and gourmet produce. But there’s so much more still to uncover. A community with a chequered past, individuals carving their own niche, and boutique businesses thriving on difference. Exactly what lies at the heart of the real Tasmania? This is what drives our curiosity and fuels our hankering to unearth the untold stories.

When you break it down, we’re a writer and a photographer scratching a creative itch to explore our own patch. We’re immersing ourselves in the lesser known – the little hidden Tassie gems that make this place so special. We love finding out why people are drawn here, how it’s inspired them and how they’ve adapted to life in this extraordinary corner of the world. Our story is a narrative of true Tassie culture.

It’s daunting to put your work out there, but so rewarding to capture the true essence of your home. It’s even more exciting when you’ve found a creative soulmate who not only enhances your work, but thoughtfully applies a measured dose of healthy criticism – it’s part of why we love working together. Sharing a passion for capturing authentic stories is what we’re all about. What we create is genuine. It’s just us with a notebook, camera and laptop out there exploring. In fact, the bit we love the most is just watching the locals do their thing. The Tasmanian Tuxedo is the voice of the people who call Tasmania home.

Wondering about the name?
The black puffer jacket is the unofficial uniform of the island state. Every Tasmanian has one – a practical and cosy partner to our unashamed variable climate and adventurous spirit.

Amanda Mackinnon

Founder, Writer, Editor

One part listener, one part explorer, one part wordsmith. Amanda’s path has taken her on a journey through science, education, communications and marketing. A talented content writer, researcher and conceptualist, Amanda loves bringing intriguing Tasmanian stories to life.

Amanda Mackinnon writing in her journal by the Derwent River Tasmania

Amanda loves the fact the written word is timeless. She believes in connecting through genuine storytelling and in the power of quality content. Whilst the current trend is towards bite-sized news, The Tasmanian Tuxedo goes deeper. For Amanda, there is freedom in having no word limits. It’s just whatever it takes to do the story justice and to tell it from the heart.

Walks. Bookstores. Animals. Museums. History. Shacks. Antiques. Amanda’s passions are many and varied. Born and bred in Hobart, she’s currently raising her family on the sunny eastern shore in a home full of noisy boys, furry beasts, books, notepads and puffer jackets.

Joe Chelkowski

Founder, Designer, Photographer

Hobart born Chelko thrives on the energy of extremes that are part of living in Tasmania. The weather, the people, the ideologies. This place can be both brutally harsh and sublimely beautiful in the same moment. This is the heartbeat of Chelko’s creative work. It’s the friction of bringing together extremes that is the catalyst for creativity and opportunity.

Joe 'Chelko' Chelkowski sitting by the river with a camera

Following seven years studying art, photography, and both graphic and environmental design, the past decade has seen Chelko flourish as a graphic designer, front end web developer, photographer, videographer, and as the creative director of a boutique design studio. Joe is a process based creative – an individual who thrives when immersed in stimulating and meaningful creative projects.

Enter The Tasmanian Tuxedo. For Joe, it’s an opportunity to authentically document the people, places and stories of Tasmania. Chelko’s raw and gritty imagery evokes a true emotional connection to the hidden stories of the island state.