A lone breath yields a euphony of delight.
A heady affair of raw elements
That entwine in a harmonious balance
To deliver Van Diemen’s scent.
Breathe in…

Inhalation invites invigoration over drowsiness.
Akin to a rich awakening
That plunges one into the depths of the wild,
Amid a complex brew of camphorous eucalyptus
Morphed effortlessly with the salty tang of the Southern Ocean.
Breathe in…

The woody perfume of ancient pine lingers
Together with the cool scent of river breath,
Infused with the emerald hues
Of earthy moss damp with fresh rainforest tears.
Breathe in…

Overtures of syrupy nectar dripping from wild hives,
And fruity orchards that heave with sweet bounty
Are stirred with cheeky mammalian callings.
Adding to the complex palate of aromas
Delivered gently to one’s senses.
Breathe in…

Sunburnt midland paddocks
Greened in petrichor glee
Come alive as rains fall across the bottom of the world
Distilled from the pristine heavens of time.
Breathe in…

These lashings from the wild
Are perfectly tamed within a cauldron of Tasmanian delight
Like a soothing blanket that calms the soul
And unleashes the mind.
Leaving one forever drunk on freedom.
Breathe out.