An ode to the coast

Endless lashes of wicked winds stir
Deep squalls of cobalt and steel.
From the depths rises
The orchestral screaming of mighty waves,
Anchored in steady pulses of tempestuous foam.

Cracked lips and streaming tresses
Breath caught and knuckles white.
A heady perfume settles over
Salty coatings of wild freedom.

Like a chameleon, morphing
Into a gentle pool of calm unwind.
Washed turquoise waters stretch to greet mild ochres
Where she-oaks whisper in hushed delight.

Together standing sentry throughout the ages.
Occasional palettes of beaten dry
Lurk where paddocks arise from the shore.
Centuries old, seasons falter bringing changes
To herald a new crop, a new generation.

Lost amongst the wide unknown
One awaits her watery embrace.
Chilled waters, raw power and foamy wash.
A place to lose your thoughts in her depths
Before tearing yourself away to collapse on her sandy edge, reinvented.