Welcome. The Tasmanian Tuxedo has been a long time in the making.

As two busy professionals with even busier young families in tow, both of us have skirted around our love for storytelling. You probably know the deal – you’re so busy working and then spending time with your tribe that you don’t focus on the things that you love to do for yourself. The special little things that get swept aside.

Enter The Tasmanian Tuxedo. It’s a true piece of us. It’s a place of escape for two mates who love Tasmanian tales. It’s a place to celebrate creativity, individuality and quality. It’s a space to breathe.

It’s pretty simple. Amanda Mackinnon pens the words. Joe Chelkowski creates the imagery. We’ve spent years creating great content and capturing breathtaking shots for others, now we’re finally doing it for ourselves. We’ll be telling the stories that resonate with us. We like to delve a little deeper and go a step beyond.

We’ve taken our name from the classic black puffer jacket that’s become the unofficial uniform of the island state. Dubbed The Tasmanian Tuxedo, it’s the perfect go to. Lightweight, warm and unobtrusive – this practical and cosy classic is the perfect partner to Tassie’s unashamed variable climate and adventurous spirit.

The Tasmanian Tuxedo is a partner in so many of our stories. It crept out of the wilderness and into the heart of our homes. We hope you’ll escape to Tasmania and find out where it can take you.

We’re gearing up for the unknown and have committed to putting our work out there – one story at a time. Immerse yourself in Tassie culture and uncover real Tasmanian stories through the eyes of real Tasmanians. We’re pretty social too, so hope to pick up some likeminded contributors along the way.

Follow our journey online and share in our stories from the edge of the world.