Here at The Tasmanian Tuxedo we love sharing authentic and engaging content.  We get excited about unearthing intriguing stories and crafting a genuine voice for each and every one.

For us, part of the joy lies simply in meeting other Tasmanians – both those that are born and bred here and those who purposefully choose to make it their home. We’re fascinated by what they do, their attitudes and their experiences.

The other part lies in continuing to explore what’s right on our own doorstep. We’re often surprised, amazed, saddened and enthralled. Yes, it’s about the landscape, the ocean, the food and wine, but it’s also about the evolution of our community. The link between the present and the past is important to us and we like to think we can play a part in preserving some of the local legends that are at risk of fading away if left undocumented.

Our audience appreciates authenticity. They are curious, adventurous and mindful. Not to be sucked in by a catchy headline, they are looking for quality and originality – we value their time and their opinions.

Perhaps you’re a writer or photographer looking for an outlet? If our values resonate with you and you think you’d be just the right fit, we’d love to have a chat. We’re open to contributors who share our philosophy and can match our voice. Tasmanians are open and friendly by nature and The Tasmanian Tuxedo is no exception.